the needs of Kumi Hospital

The hospital continues to meet its needs for donors and donors.
We would like to appreciate our donors from the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the United States and many other countries for the great support and donations they have made to the people of Teso through the Kumi Hospital.

Nevertheless, we send our requests for help in the following areas:

* High Speed Internet Kumi Hospital is looking for support in facilitating a special fiber optic cable from the internet providers.
This will help stimulate hospital activities.

* Neonatal CPR units.
This device would assist children aged 1-28 days during respiratory distress using Ambu bag and oxygen concentrator.

* Portable pulse oximeters. A pulse oximeter helps to measure heart rate and oxygen concentration.

* Medical Hospital Instrument Digital Portable X-ray Equipment.
This portable x-ray machine is meeting a wide range of mobile radiography imaging needs in various places, such as imaging centers, operating rooms, emergency...