Your medical tropic adventure

Medical elective students

The hospital receives medical students from both internal and international universities who come in for their internship in the field of; Tropical medicine, public health and also participate in social activities in local communities. They even reach places that are difficult to reach to do outreaches there.

In collaboration with Universities of Groningen, Utrecht, Wageningen and Rotterdam ( the Netherlands), from Antwerp (Belgium), Wroclaw (Poland), Dresden, Kiel, Freiburg, Tubingen, Lubeck, Leipzig, Hanover, Nurnberg, Mainz, Munster, Regensburg and Rostock (Germany), Varna (Bulgaria) and Vienna (Austria).

Discover Kumi and Teso

See also the Medical Elective Group on FaceBook.
A visit to Teso offers you a fascinating and varied range of activities and experiences that give you a unique insight into the ingenuity, challenges and way of life of the Iteso people who live in the heart of Africa. See also the Medical Elective Group on FaceBook.

The manual for the Medical Students

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