Surgical services


In the Teso region, we are known for the services we offer to our customers. We are not only a hospital by name, but because of what we offer the public. We have a list of senior physicians, especially gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics and other sensitive surgery consultants.

Orthopaedic case stories

Kumi Hospital will be pleased to here and welcome any kind of donation that can be pledged in the names of performing such surgeries to those needy families. Most children in the Teso region are victims of circumstances, and people of Teso will be grateful to receive support from any Donor or even whoever can help perform surgeries on them.
* Total Hip & Knee Replacement
* Internal Fixation
* Corrective Osteotomy
* Bilateral
* Thyroidectomy
* Laparotomy
* Cholecystectomy
* Hysterectomy
* Myomectomy
* Virginal Fistulae
* Gluteal Fibrosis

Surgical recommended clinical discussion topics

* Assessment of the surgical patient
* Surgical Operating Theatre Safety
* Assisting in theatre - aseptic technique
* Infectious surgical conditions - Osteomyelitis, Abscesses, Arthritis, Enteric fever and its complications, Appendicitis
* Principles of trauma
* Principles of surgical toilet and suture
* Principles of wound care
* Urological conditions BPE, Ca Prostate, vesico-vaginal fistula
* Abdominal Conditions Abdominal mass, Acute Abdomen, Intestinal obstruction
* Typhoid perforation
* Leg ulcerations
* Fractures
* Osteomyelitis / Septic Arthritis

Above all these procedures are being done by specialized Doctors from recognized Health Facilities. We also have visiting doctors from the Netherlands, the UK and the USA who perfectly can reorganise all kinds of fractures.