Kumi Hospital bakery

In October 2015 we started the bakery and have undergone a nice development in five years.
At the time we baked four days a week with more than 30 kg of flour daily, now the bakery is open for six days with an average of 70 kg of flour per day.
The team is also growing with the increase in sales, from four to nine employees: six bakers, one manager and two sales people.
The baking team, consisting of Angella, Grace, Fridah, Kevin and Teddy and Susan.
Kevin, the local manager, is equally responsible for all regulatory matters and day-to-day management.
The six women have now played well together and all have four fixed working days.
With two salesmen on their way daily on a bakery moped with a large bin on the back, they go through all the small villages in the area.