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Women Empowerment Group
Studies show that when the women are supported and empowered, all are benefits to society. Their families are healthier, more children attend school, agricultural productivity improves and income increases. In short, communities are becoming more resilient.
We believe that it is essential to empower women to be key change agents to end hunger and poverty. Wherever we work, our programs aim to support women and build their capacity.
In fact, this project needs almost no explanation, because the goal is so clear: by investing in young girls you significantly increase the chance of a better life, better health and ultimately give them a better chance on the labor market. An additional effect is that they become aware of the rights that girls in this world may have.
The right to education, for example. Or the right to good care. The right to pursue their dreams, to become who they want to be. But also the right to be protected against violence and abuse. These girls are tomorrow's women. Women who can help their community, who can help their children grow up in safety, women who find their way into the labor market and who make way for the next generation of women. And they need help with that. As a volunteer you can help with this fantastic project.
You will be most involved in providing information and education. In addition, the children also see you as a role model, so show what you have achieved, how important education is and what opportunities you can seize!

Women Empowerment Group Oseera