medical teams

Your voluntering tropic adventure

We always receive Volunteers in the following Fields
• Nursing
• Midwifery
• Accounting
• Information Technology
• Medical Surgeon
• Clinical Officers
• Theatre Assistants
• Missionaries
• Orthopedic Officers
• Physiotherapists

Volunteers at work

Kumi Hospital is seeking for volunteers from within and out of Africa who would like to be part of the organization working to extend general and community health care services to a disadvantaged community within a Christian setting. They should be interested in being innovative to make a difference in a resource limited setting. They will be granted to an appropriate extent to influence the work of the organization.
You will have the benefit of learning how to work in a resource limited setting, and have exposure in tropical medicine and neglected diseases. You will have an enjoyable experience interacting with the lovely people of Teso region and being part of a motivated team.

When you stay with us you have many possibilities for work and leisure time. From Kumi you can relax along lake Mbale on your free time or travel to see the ever-stunning Sipi Falls. Uganda offers the best of nature and you will have time to see the country as a resident during your time in Kumi.
Let us hear from you and please come to share the love and joy of serving the people in our wonderful African village.
Our nursing/midwives training school has been an outstanding source of health workers who work in many parts of the country after completing their training in Kumi. You may also want to spend some time with our Adesso school as a volunteer teacher or student.
Please feel free to contact us.