the Nursing Workforce

Nursing activities begin after consultation and diagnosis by a doctor.
Nurses mainly focus on helping patients and meeting their needs.
Nurses play multiple roles in our hospital, depending on the unique needs of the patient at the same time.

Nurses are assessed based on the academic qualification rate.
Gradation visible in their work clothes.
Degree on red straps and white work clothes.
Diploma on yellow belts and white work clothes.
Administrative on black belts and white work clothes.
The pink workwear for certificate holders.
Nurse's assistant in purple work clothes.
The student nurses wear green and blue work clothes.


Role and Responsibilities of our nurse

(1) Communicate with patients:
The nurse has the responsibility of communicating with the patient and clears their doubt because if the communication is not effective,
the healing process will be inhibited.
(2) Take care of Patient Safety:
Nurses play a vital role in patient safety. After the doctor visits or diagnoses,
it is the nurse's duty to prevent medication errors and ensures patients receive the correct treatment & therapy.
(3) Caregiver:
Nurses take care of their patients in the hospital, just like a mother takes care of their children. The care offered depends on the wishes and requirements of the patient.
The care for a patient depends on the stage of the disease, for example if someone is suffering from cancer need more care than a person with a normal fever.
(4)Teaching the patient:
Nurses teach patients about their health and medicines.
Sometimes a patient will be confused about certain procedures and steps, nurse clears up all doubts as a teacher.
The main task of the nurses is to convince their patients to take care of themselves, because then they can recover much faster.
(5)Acting as a patient family:
This role is considered to be the most important nursing task.
In general, a nurse's job is to determine the exact needs of the patient when a patient is not well.
Like a family, the nurse must inform and take care of everything and everyone about the patient's health.