I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our new easy-to-use Kumi Hospital website. You can easily navigate and find the information you need on our information pages. We are committed to our community, patients and partners, and our website is proof of that commitment. Follow us on also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of us at Kumi Hospital are happy to welcome all patients and visitors to our hospital. We understand that any disease can be of concern to patients, caregivers and their families, and can have implications for family, work and social life. With this in mind, we promise to work with you and your caregiver to provide and plan the best possible care and treatment.

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Dr. Raymond Joseph Malinga, Medical Director Kumi Hospital
Church Missionary Society (CMS)
Established in 1929 as a leprosy center to help people with leprosy in the eastern and northern regions of Uganda and South Sudan. Kumi Hospital (KH) currently has a reach of approximately 4 million people. Kumi Hospital is a member of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB); it is therefore a private non-profit (PNFP) institution. The hospital is a registered entity and accredited by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Since its foundation in 1929, Kumi Hospital has undergone a transformation from a center for the disabled to a general hospital. Since then, it has significantly expanded its activities to challenges and adapted its working methods to the situation. KH has been involved in the needs of community health care for over 90 years.

Today the hospital has a staff of 179 people and capacity of 300 beds.

Involved in community health care needs for over 90 years.


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