Kumi News


Elsepth visit Kumi Hospital

Elsepth Robinson a friend of Kumi Hospital is in Kumi Hospital


Interplast Surgeons at Kumi Hospital

Plastic Surgeons from Interplast United Kingdom are in Kumi Hospital to offer Surgery to.....................


Elaine & Martin visit Kumi Hospital

Martin & Elaine are in Kumi Hospital to build capacity and Mentor the new leadership.............. .


Steffie & Jose visits Kumi Hospital

Kumi Hospital Welcomes Steffie, Jose, Aukje .


Dr. Landheer & Family Kumi Hospital

Dr. Landheer and Family Visits Kumi Hospital after all those years!.


Hospital Administrator at Kumi Hospital

New Hospital Administrator at Kumi Hospital


Dutch Surgeons Operate Patients

Orthopaedic Dutch Surgeons Dr. Antoon Schlosser and Dr. Bas Von Franssen at Kumi Hospital.

Medical Director

Kumi Hospital gets Medical Director

Dr. Robert Olupot is a new Medical Director Of Kumi Hospital! He is a Surgeon by Training, involved in Fistula prevention and Treatment

Seven couples Wed at Kumi Hospital

Hambleton Catenians from Yorkshire, England UK, fund a wedding ceremony where Seven couples tied aknot on Easter Sunday at Kumi Hospital Catholic Church...

Elspeth and Hellen visits Kumi Hospital

Elspeth and Hellen visits Kumi Hospital!.

Surgical Camp for Gluteal Fibrosis

Kumi Hospital in Partnership with Liliane Fonds has organised a Surgical Camp and Awareness campaign for Children with Gluteal Fibrosis.

Board of Govenors take Oath

New technical Multi disciplinary board of Govenors of Kumi Hospital has been sworn into office,

Forestry at Kumi Hospital

Kumi Hospital is embarking on afforestration as one of the ways to mitigate the effect of global warming

UIC Starts Operations at Kumi Hospital

UIC Starts Operations at Kumi Hospital

New Board of Governors

Kumi Hospital gets a new Board of Governors, The old Board was Chaired by Rt.Rev. Dr. Nicodemus E Okille who was a sitting Bishop of Bukedi Diocese.

Read more about the New Board..


Biogas Plant Commissioned

Biogas Plant Commissioned at Esco Shop Kumi Hospital.

Read more about Biogas Plant.


Water Pump House Floods at Oseera

Water pump Station at Oseera floods again, so men have to row a boat very 20 minutes in order to scoup water.

Read more about Floods at Oseera Water Pump.


Nutrition Unit Reopens at Kumi Hospital

After two years of being closed, it has finally re-opened.

Read more about the Nutrition Unit.


Orthopaedic Appliances at Kumi Hospital

Kumi Hospital has a Orthopaedic workshop which makes different appliances.

Read more about the Orthopaedic Workshop.


A New Incinerator thanks to EFOD

After years without an Incinerator, Kumi Hospital has finally gotten one thanks to EFOD- Engineers For Overseas Development

Read more about the Incinerator.

Leprosy Patients

Hand Made Clothes and Baby Shawls By Leprosy Patients !

An occupational therapy for leprosy and disabled patients has restarted at Kumi Hospital.

The activities take place at the medical social department for patients suffering from leprosy or the side effects from it.

Many patients of Kumi Hospital can benefit from this program.


Helping the teachers of the Adesso Primary School !

They live in small houses near the school on the outskirts of the hospital without access to electricity.

Kumi Hospital

A Special Week for the Kumi Hospital Staff

After a long time to prepare, arrange and coordinate, it is a special week for the Kumi Hospital staff: after two years there will be electricity in the houses!

Kumi Hospital Farm

Reconstruction of the Farm is the future of the Hospital Area !

By reconstruction of Kumi Farm Hospital would in future be independent.

The farm of jobs and will in future serve as role models for other farmers and agricultural companies.

Renovation  Staff Houses

Renovation Staff Houses Is the New Project of the Dutch Kumi Foundation.

If you've used all day for the health of the people in your area, how would it be well deserved after a long day when you can return to a house where at least this basic comfort is guaranteed. That is the quality of care benefits.